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  • Mike Roy

    I ported the heads and intake manifold in my motorhome a few years ago. Within a year after, I literally hamburgered the transmission. I saved money for about 6 months and got Bruno and Arash to do a modified "Bomb proof" build. It costed more than I anticipated. But it…

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  • Pax Donaldson

    Troy and the staff at National Transmission are fantastic! I highly recommend them. They do an thorough job inspecting and communicating any issues found (even if it's not a great answer haha). They'll take the time to explain what they found and best next steps to get fixed. Highly recommended!

  • Trevor Conibear

    My family is visiting Calgary for a vacation, the day before we are suppose to hit the road back home, my vehicle wouldn't go into gear and not drivable. National transmission popped up in my google search and were close to the hotel. I called them at 7:30am explained my…

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  • Anthony Greenin

    These guys are amazing and good to there word. About 9 months after a costly but more than fair in comparison repair to our 4.0 litre vans transmission. We now have some hesitation and stumbling symptoms, the owner himself took it apart. He checked everything and replaced fluid, then connected…

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  • Derek Rutledge

    Thanks for getting me in last minute before the long weekend the guys there were helpful and easy to talk to. I'll be back for a service soon

  • Dixon Lawson

    Transmission issues can be scary but the honest way that these guys operate make it easier. If you're experiencing any kind of problems, this should be your first stop.

  • Woodsi

    Decided (nervously) to have my F150 transmission serviced for the first time today at 257,000kms. I called before hand asking for some expert advice. Arash was very friendly and helpful, and didn't blow off my silly questions. He also didn't sugar coat the possible outcomes which I appreciated. He kept…

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  • sean farren

    Arash and Neil were friendly and took the time to fully explain what was required to repair my car. Work was completed quickly. Will be happy to recommend National Transmission for any transmission issues!

  • Kevin Jones

    A fair and competent shop. Recommended. Keep shops like this around.

  • Emeline Guillard

    Can’t tell about the work as we havens done anything there but the staff is awesome : We had a weird noise on our car’s brakes, so we stopped for advices, and even if they don’t do brakes , they took the time to go for a drive and see…

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