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Latest Ratings & Reviews

  • Brock Scheuerman

    They had a dog. 10/10 would pet again

  • Jonathan Gleadle

    I had my Jatco RE4R03a transmission rebuilt here, i am very satisfied with the experience and would recommend to others.

  • Scott Wood

    Couldn’t have asked for better service. Was driving from Vancouver to Toronto and had my alternator break just outside of town. The next morning I called 20 minutes before their 8am open and was told to come right in. They diagnosed the problem, picked up the part somewhere else in…

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  • Kaitlin matthews

    I took my car in because it was shaking when I reversed and it happen to be just rocks and mud built up and they took the time to clean it all out for me at no charge! Really professional as well!

  • Mel Wolski

    Troy was outstanding with the work and the customer service. He was patient, professional and was able to walk me through the process. I'm not a car guy, so this was invaluable to me. The truck is older with more sentimental value than resale. Troy came highly recommended by a…

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  • Daniel Gallegos

    These guys went above and beyond to find me a part I needed, they have my future business. Let it be noted that they found the part I needed that the actual dealership of my vehicle said did not exist anymore. I highly recommend these guys!

  • Randy Michael

    So close to 5 star it hurts! quick and quality work. I had a bad trans in a truck i bought, i wanted something that was going to last. we opted to build a trans with some stronger internals than to just replace it with an OEM style replacement. It…

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  • Loren Cleveland

    For anyone needing transmission work like I did, I would like to highly recommend this location. I experienced nothing but first class customer service and workmanship from Arash and the crew that works here. Ill definitely be a returning customer.

  • Matthias Cheung

    Brock and his team were fantastic. Our car broke down and we were not from Calgary. Realizing our predicament, he dropped everything and did a diagnostic and quickly addressed the issue right away. He gave us confidence to get back on the highway to go home that same day. I…

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  • Stevie Eliot

    We took my Jeep in for a transmission repair. National checked into our concerns and called us saying my transmission looked good as new and wasn't the source to our problem despite another transmission shop claiming strongly that we needed a new one. National determined my transfer case was actually…

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