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Did you know that your transmission can outlast your vehicle if you take good care of it? Regular maintenance, fresh fluid, filter changes, and modified driving habits can decrease the incidence of problems with your transmission.


Stop by our Lethbridge transmission shop for diagnostics, repair, or maintenance:

131 13th St.
Lethbridge, Alberta
T1H 2R5


We stand behind all of our work so you get optimal performance from your transmission. Call to schedule service today or Book an appointment online now.


At National Transmission in Lethbridge, we keep your transmission in good repair. Our technicians receive regular training so they can keep your vehicle on the road and out of the shop. Preventive maintenance and diagnostics can help us identify early problems that could become costly, such as leaks, electrical issues, and fluid conditions.

Drop your vehicle by for diagnostic service and fluid change at the specified manufacturer interval. We’ll inspect it, road test it, replace the gaskets and filters as required, and replace transmission fluid.

When your transmission does act up, we can handle in-depth repairs and replacements for automatic and manual transmissions:


Looking for a rebuild on your muscle vehicle or vintage vehicle? At National Transmission, we have expert technicians who have the rebuilding experience to help build the transmission of your dreams.

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