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Overall, manual transmissions are much more simple than automatic transmissions. Automatic transmissions have hundreds of mechanical, hydraulic, and electronic parts that must work together to shift gears smoothly, while manual transmissions are mostly mechanical gears that rely on you as the driver to shift. This means that there are fewer elements of a manual transmission to break down, but that doesn’t mean that your vehicle won’t need a repair at some point.

How do I know my manual transmission is the problem?

Many of the warning signs that your manual transmission is going out are the same as those of automatic transmissions

warning lights, fluid leaks, burning smells, unusual noises, and rough slips. But some are unique to your manual vehicle like:

  • Slipping Clutch

    The clutch feels like it's slipping, or the clutch behaves differently than normal

  • Grinding Noises

    Grinding noises, even if you are shifting normally

  • Gear Trouble

    The transmission doesn't get into gear, or pops out of gear while driving

  • Delays

    Delay in movement


My vehicle is showing at least one of these signs, what should I do?

The first step is to book an appointment at your nearest National Transmission location. We are transmission experts who know exactly how your manual transmission should behave. We can look at your vehicle and determine if it is truly a transmission issue, or if the problem is really in the clutch system. The good news is that the cost of repairs for either system is much lower than the costs for repairs for automatic transmissions.

My vehicle isn't showing signs yet,

but I want to avoid costly transmission repairs down the road.


As the driver of a manual car, you’re already much more aware of your transmission than most drivers.

That puts you at an advantage, as you’re more likely to spot warning signs early on. However, you are also less likely to see them at all. Because manual transmissions are so simple, they tend to last longer than automatic transmissions – as long as you take care of it. Keep up regular maintenance, and you shouldn’t have to visit us for a transmission repair anytime soon.

Whether you already need repairs, or you’re looking to avoid them with regular maintenance, those of us at National Transmission are here to take care of all your manual transmission needs.         


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