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Your car’s transmission is the vehicle’s most complicated and least understood major component. As vehicles have begun incorporating more sophisticated machinery, automatic transmission repair has become more complicated. Automatic transmissions typically include a combination of hydraulics and computer-controlled components, though some also include a differential or final drive. It’s important for the technician working on your vehicle to thoroughly understand how the system works, which is why all National Transmission technicians are expertly trained. 

How do I know my automatic transmission is the problem?

There are many warning signs that your automatic transmission is the problem, including:

  • Warning Light

  • Fluid Leaks

  • Transmission Slipping

  • Rough Shifts

  • Burning Smell

  • Unusual Noises


My vehicle is showing at least one of these signs, what should I do?

The first step is to book an appointment at your nearest National Transmission location. We are transmission experts who know exactly what to look for in your automatic transmission to diagnose and repair the problem. Transmission repairs can be costly, but don’t let that stop you from getting help now. The sooner you bring your vehicle to us for a diagnosis, the more likely it is we can find and fix the problem before it turns into something worse.

My vehicle isn't showing signs yet,

but I want to avoid costly transmission repairs down the road.

Just being aware of your automatic transmission is a great place to start. Keep an eye out for any of the warning signs, but also consider your driving tendencies. If you drive in more severe conditions, like regular mountainous driving, pulling heavy loads, tow trailers, or driving in heavy stop and go traffic, your transmission is at a higher risk. You might want to invest in a valve body kit or additional external transmission cooler to ensure you don’t have any problems. A National Transmission technician can help you make the decision once they understand your situation. 

Whether you already need repairs, or you’re looking to avoid them, it’s a good idea to schedule an appointment to have your transmission evaluated. 


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