Transmission Fluid Change for Automatic and Manual Vehicles

Your transmission needs to have the fluid changed regularly to ensure your vehicle drives well and stays in good working order – and to avoid costly transmission repairs in the future. Depending on your circumstances and driving habits, your transmission may simply need a fluid change or it might need a transmission flush.

What's the difference between a transmission fluid change and transmission flush?

Transmission Fluid Change

Transmission fluid change is the most common type of transmission service, as all transmission need the fluid changed regularly. In a standard fluid change, the pan is drained and, if applicable, the filter or gasket is replaced and the screen is cleaned. This process doesn’t remove all the fluid – in fact, up to half of the old fluid can remain in the torque converter and cooler lines.

Transmission Flush

Transmission flush is more in-depth. The pan is drained, and then the transmission is hooked up to a machine that flushes the contaminants from the torque converter and cooler lines, pumping 80-95% of the fluid out of the transmission and replacing it with new, clean fluid. If needed, the filter or gasket is replaced and the screen is cleaned.


When should I get a transmission fluid change?

The first thing is to determine when your transmission fluid was last changed. If you can’t remember, it’s probably time for a fluid change or flush. The best way to know which you need is to take your vehicle to your nearest National Transmission. We will drain the fluid from your transmission, and we can recommend which service you need based on the colour of the fluid. If it is very dark and contaminated, a flush is a better option that can save you money down the road. But if the fluid is relatively clear, all you may need is a change.

Having a professional look at your transmission and offer their expert opinion is really the best way to decide between a transmission fluid change and a transmission flush – and to ensure your getting the right fluid in your transmission. Whether you have a standard or automatic transmission, replacing the transmission fluid with the proper lubrication fluid is critical to your vehicle’s health. The wrong fluid could lead to an expensive transmission overhaul or replacement, costing thousands of dollars.

Schedule an appointment with experts at National Transmission in our Calgary, Lethbridge, or Medicine Hat locations. Our technicians know the proper lubricants and will make sure your car leaves running smoothly.


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