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Transmissions need regular care and maintenance to stay in good working order, and part of that care is a transmission flush. There can be a bit of confusion around a transmission flush vs transmission fluid change, and those of us here at National Transmission are working hard to help customers like you understand the difference. 

What's the difference between a transmission flush and a transmission fluid change?

Transmission Flush

A transmission flush is when all the old fluid in the transmission is removed and new fluid is pushed through using a special machine. This process forces out the grime and sludge that has built up over time in your transmission. Once the process is complete, the transmission is filled with fresh, clean fluid. If needed, the filter or gasket is replaced and the screen is cleaned.

Transmission Fluid Change

A transmission fluid change is simply when the fluid is drained from the pan and, If needed, the filter or gasket is replaced and the screen is cleaned. New fluid is added, but unlike a flush that replaces nearly all the old fluid, a transmission fluid change only replaces about half the old fluid.


When should I get a transmission flush?

Your transmission should be flushed roughly every 50,000 km to keep your vehicle running smoothly. However, there are signs that your vehicle may need one sooner like:

  • Hear grinding or strange noises
  • Have problems shifting gears
  • Start slipping gears while driving
  • Feel unexplainable surging of your vehicle
  • Notice a delay in vehicle movement

These noises and changes in the movement of your vehicle could be a sign that your transmission is full of grime and needs cleaning.

Why should I get a transmission flush?

You don’t necessarily need a transmission flush every time your transmission fluid needs to be changed, but transmission flushes are more effective. That’s because they remove all old fluid completely while fluid changes only remove about half of the old fluid. That means all the dirty fluid that’s sitting in the torque converter, as well as many of the cooler lines, stays in place and contaminates the new fluid. The old fluid will diminish the performance of the new fluid, which results in lower performance from your vehicle. 

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Keep in mind that transmission flushes aren't a fix-all.

They are an important part of regular maintenance for your vehicle, but if your transmission is having problems before a flush there’s a chance that there’s something more going on than grimy oil. At National Transmission, we’ll make sure the transmission flush is done properly and that if any other problems arise, you know what to do next. 

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