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  • Meha Kopp

    I had a great experience with National Transmission on 14th St. and owner Brock. I was told by the dealership my transmission needed to be replaced. I decided randomly to go with National hoping I could save a few bucks off the dealership price. After having a look Brock called…

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  • Donna -Lou Briere

    I took my 1994 Chrysler Sebring in the National and was first met by the owner, Neil, who was as charming and professional as can be. He was able to assure me that my problem would be looked at quickly. Arash Ahmar was the wonderful young man who took my…

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  • Christopher Clark

    I had brought my 97 Honda Civic SI into National Transmission to get a check up as to why it was leaking fluid. I was extremely impressed in the efficiency in which they were able to take a look at my car and determine the problem in such a short…

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  • Graham Schiebel

    Came in looking to get a new clutch assembly put into my 1995 Toyota Tercel, my car was only in for a day and drives like new! While it was in they noticed a small oil leak when they had my engine apart and were able to seal it up…

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  • Ondra Klimek

    Have an awesome experience with this shop. Dropped off my vehicle on wednesday, got it back on friday. Arash was in touch the whole time and he kept me up to date with what is going on. Would definitely recommend this shop.

  • Blue Moon

    Took my Jeep Grand Cherokee Hemi there for a Transmission Service. Great service, very clean shop and they saved me $150 compared to Mr Transmission and the dealership. Will recommend to anyone.

  • Chris Wintersinger

    I was really satisfied with the service. I brought my truck in for some axle seals and diagnosis of a subtle noise in the drivetrain. They figured out the source of the noise which was thankfully only a wheel bearing. Another shop told me I would be looking at major…

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  • Anita van Breevoort

    I had my transmission rebuilt by Arash from National Transmission and I will say that there customer service and service is amazing. I would definitely recommend them for anybody with transmission issues.

  • Darcey Robertson

    I Have to mention that Brock Allaire and his team offered outstanding service. Brock test drove my car before and after. Brock called and updated me as to the status of the repair. He wants to follow up in a week to see if I am still satisfied. His shop…

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  • Austin Beswick

    I brought my older ford pick-up in after it wouldn't shift into gear one morning. I knew there was something wrong with the clutch but I wasn't sure exactly what it was. I got it towed to their shop that morning, and Troy called me at 2 o'clock that day…

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