According to a recent study conducted by Canada Post regarding Canadian automotive trends, more Canadians are opting to keep their vehicle longer rather than frequently purchasing a brand new car. This has led to a surge in vehicle repair and maintenance services over the last few years.

  • Service centres (75%+) are the dominant choice for vehicle repair and maintenance with only 13% to 18% car owners preferring to do it themselves.
  • Approximately half of all vehicles owned or leased by Canadian households are five years or older, while just over a quarter are three years old or less, indicating future demand and growth in aftermarket products and services.
  • Canadians service their vehicles up to four times per year and are very loyal, with 70% of households using the same service centers each year.
  • Less than one in ten (9%) of all vehicles in Canadian households are less than one year old with a further 18% between one and three years old.
  • 70% of households use the same service centres each year for maintenance and repair for their vehicles, with 23% using some of the service centres each year.
  • 79% of Canadians consider workmanship as the most important criteria for choosing a vehicle service center.

Research shows that consumers will become even more mindful of their purchases in this ever-changing global economy. More people will postpone buying cars and those who decide to purchase new vehicles will take into account environmental factors such as carbon emissions, fuel consumption and efficiency.

Some other automotive trends to watch for include:

  • Baby boomers retiring in the auto repair industry will replace their current vehicle prior to the start of their retirement.
  • Automotive advertising online will continue to grow and expand as some third party sites are already selling vehicles, as well as everything from online loans to delivery services.
  • Some dealers are beginning to include many online features on their websites. Potential customers can now view inventory, schedule sales and service appointments, fill out financing applications and see the manufacturers’ suggested retail price.

Since 1978, National Transmission has been providing Alberta residents with honest and affordable car and truck repair services, working diligently and efficiently to complete every repair and diagnostic job correctly the first time. Our certified technicians are continuously kept up-to-date on today’s changing marketplace of electronic advancements, updates, modifications and manufacturers’ recalls. Whether your vehicle transmission requires maintenance or minor repairs, you can rely on us to provide dependable service every time. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your vehicle is safe for driving and will perform trouble-free to take you wherever you need to go.

Contact National Transmission today for quick and affordable vehicle repair in Calgary. We have several locations for your convenience. Call 403-320-0447 for Lethbridge; 403-526-6458 for Medicine Hat; 403-243-6114 for South Calgary; 403-291-1514 for Northeast Calgary; and 403-283-6615 for Northwest Calgary.

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