Truck Repair in Calgary, Lethbridge and Medicine Hat

National Transmissions holds expertise in personal truck, certain weights of commercial trucks and consumer vehicle repairs in Calgary, Lethbridge and Medicine Hat. Not only do we repair and replace both automatic transmissions and manual transmissions in all personal and Class 6 trucks, we offer regular maintenance and other services like fluid changes.


Our truck services are limited to vehicles with a weight of 25,000 pounds or less (Class 6). These include:

  • Minivan, cargo van, pickup truck
  • Box truck, city delivery truck (Sprinter), heavy duty truck
  • Single axel or beverage truck

With locations in Lethbridge and all around Calgary, including the Northeast and Northwest corners, you’re guaranteed to have great transmission repair service for your personal or work truck.


Whether you need a new transmission or are seeking to rebuild the transmission for your truck, National Transmission has the skills and experience to help. Since 1978 we’ve been repairing and maintaining truck transmissions, so be sure to call us for transmission problems and clutch services. We also sell transmission parts and supplies to help you maintain your transmission at home.

If you use your truck for off-road excursions, we have tips for maintaining your transmission. However, to keep your adventures top-notch year-round your vehicle will need professional transmission inspections.

National Transmission is proud to offer a one-stop transmission service to all of our customers. We’re committed to getting your Calgary truck back on the road and to your destination on schedule. Call us today to schedule truck repairs in South Calgary or one of our other convenient locations.

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