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  • andrea Lloyd

    Transmission shops rely on their reviews which is why I wanted to share my experience and positive outcome. My volkswagen Jetta 2016 had a transmission issue. It was a major job as many codes were coming up in the computer. It was a very long and iterative process to correct…

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  • Chloe Carr

    The clutch on my car decided to die and these guys were so awesome. They were able to get my car in that day to diagnose the issue, and just a couple days to instal the new parts. They were kind and explained everything to me without making it complicated.…

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  • unleashyourfreak

    By far one of the most reputable shops in the last 30 years. The boys stand behind there work hard to find these days, far more than a transmission shop ... performance to everyday driver the place you can count on Mopar Steve

  • Jordan Wilson

    Great job did it super quick. Unfortunately it wasn't the problem but no worries I was only charged the quote and I'm very thankful for that. Thanks guys.

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