Learning about the role fluids play in your vehicle can help you identify issues and stay up-to-date on your transmission services. Read on to learn more about the vital fluids in your vehicle and how they help your engine and components run smoothly and last longer.

  • What is the role of engine oil or lubricant? – Lubricant is an important element to your vehicle because it is responsible for cooling hot areas of your engine and other moving parts in your vehicle. Lubricant or lube as it is commonly called helps to reduce friction, keeping your engine more efficient and your fuel consumption lower. It can help protect mechanical parts against corrosion and wear and tear over time, extending the life of your engine. Plus, it helps to maintain a clean engine by transferring impurities to the oil filter.
  • What is transmission fluid? – Whether you have an automatic or manual transmission, it is responsible for transferring energy from your engine to the wheels of your vehicle. Fluid in this system will lubricate, cool and clean your transmission as it works. It will also ensure that the proper level of pressure is maintained for it to function. Regardless of the transmission type, this fluid will eventually break down and need to be replaced to avoid transmission failure.
  • What is engine or radiator coolant? – Engine coolant or anti-freeze helps to ensure your engine does not freeze or overheat. It removes heat from the engine block and lubricates seals on your water pumps. Over time, the coolant will lose its protective abilities and for this reason should be replaced regularly.
  • What is the role of differential fluid? – Along with the transmission, the differential helps transfer power from the engine to the axle to rotate the wheels of your vehicle. Heat wears out differential fluid, which can lead to wear on your vehicle’s gears and bearings if not replaced in a timely manner.
  • What type of vehicles use transfer case fluid? – If you have an all-wheel or four-wheel drive vehicle, you will have a transfer case that provides your system with power and allows you to switch gears. This fluid lubricates the transfer case and will lead to unnecessary wear on your vehicle if not replaced.

National Transmission can help you determine if your vehicle fluids are at the proper level. If you are in the Calgary area, we offer transmission repairs, motor oil and a range of services that can help keep your vehicle running at its best. Book your appointment today by calling one of our locations or schedule your appointment online.

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