Over time and distance, your vehicle’s automatic transmission fluid begins to break down as additives are depleted; it oxidizes and loses its ability to cool and lubricate; its ability to protect the transmission from wear and possible mechanical failure is also diminished. The filter’s purpose is to keep contaminates in the fluid from entering the working components.

Advantages of Regular Transmission Maintenance

The automatic transmission is one area of the vehicle that very few consider, because it is out of sight. Don’t wait until it starts dropping you a hint! Consider the advantages of regular vehicle maintenance with an inexpensive fluid and filter change at National Transmission. Once a year or every 40,000 to 60,000 kilometres is an appropriate interval, or as your owner’s manual suggests.

Since the opening of the first National Transmission shop we have been devoted to building a solid reputation for our business. The shops all have experienced transmission technicians who consistently update their training to remain current with ever-changing technology.

The next time your transmission lets you down or perhaps you realize the virtues of preventive maintenance to help eliminate that possibility, utilize the services of National Transmission.

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