Transmission Fluid Change for Automatic and Manual Vehicles in Southern Alberta

Similar to a transmission flush, getting your transmission fluid changed is essential for your car to drive well and have a long lifespan. Using the correct fluid can make a huge difference in the running of your vehicle, which is why it’s best to leave your transmission fluid change up to a professional. National Transmission offers transmission fluid changes for both automatic and manual transmission vehicles.


Transmission fluid is used as lubricant for all of the moving parts in your transmission. Automatic transmission fluid (ATF) is also used as a coolant and transmitter for engine power. Without proper lubrication your transmission can stutter, slip gears or not change gears at all. When getting a transmission fluid change, you need to be certain the correct fluid is being used. The wrong fluid could lead to an expensive transmission overhaul or replacement, costing thousands of dollars.

In the case of both manual and automatic transmissions, there are many options for lubrication fluids that you must choose from. This information is often in the user’s manual, but to ensure your vehicle is getting the correct lubricant, come to National Transmission for your transmission fluid changes in Calgary, Lethbridge, or Medicine Hat. Our technicians know the proper lubricants and will make sure your car leaves running smoothly.


In manual cars, the main reason to change the transmission fluid is contamination. As different gears in the transmission wear out, metal particles float around in the lubricant. These particles prevent the fluid from lubricating well and shorten the life of your transmission.

Automatic transmission vehicles generate more heat than manual ones, so the lubricant degrades and breaks down over time. ATF also becomes contaminated the same as in manual vehicles. Both factors prevent your transmission from running properly and can shorten the lifespan of your transmission.

You need a transmission fluid change for your vehicle to extend your car’s life and prevent expensive transmission repairs and even replacements. It is best to be on the safe side when it comes to your transmission, so get your transmission fluid changed often, especially if you drive under high-stress conditions like stop-and-go city driving and trailer towing. Stop by National Transmission today to get an expert transmission fluid change for your automatic or manual transmission car to get an expert transmission fluid change for your automatic or manual transmission car at one of our locations in Calgary, Lethbridge or Medicine Hat.


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