Like all vehicles, RVs are made up of a series of parts working in conjunction with one another. If your RV’s transmission is under stress it could mean that your engine and drivetrain are potentially in trouble.

Poorly maintained transmissions can be damaging to your RV. A faulty transmission prevents an RV from moving at an efficient rate. The transmission’s primary job within the vehicular system is to convert engine power to minimize fuel consumption, while maximizing your engine’s efficiency. If your transmission isn’t doing its job properly, this translates into extra stress on your engine and more fuel consumed by your RV.

A number of factors can cause damage to your RV’s transmission:

  • Poor driving habits
  • Hauling and towing heavy loads
  • Leaking fluids
  • Driving on poor-condition roads
  • Failing to adhere to your manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedules

RVs are able to move thanks to a four-speed transmission that converts engine power into speed and torque. All RV manufacturers equip their vehicles with a transmission designed to move a specific weight – typically only a little greater than a fully packed RV, including passengers. Drivers who want to tow something heavy – like a boat, ATV trailer, or car – increase the stress on both an RV’s transmission and its engine.

An overworked transmission produces large amounts of heat which slowly damage your engine, transmission and drivetrain. However, there is an option for RV drivers who wish to tow an extra load behind their recreational vehicles: auxiliary transmissions.


Simply put, an auxiliary transmission is a secondary gearbox placed behind your vehicle’s existing transmission. Auxiliary transmissions work to reduce the stress placed on your vehicle’s primary gearbox by acting as an additional two-gear system. By providing an extra set of gears, auxiliary transmissions reduce the load on the primary gearbox, allowing for more flexibility during gear shifting. An auxiliary transmission can reduce wear and tear on your vehicle’s primary transmission and engine:

  • When your vehicle is struggling to move uphill
  • When high winds prevent your RV from maximizing engine efficiency
  • When you notice that your RV simply can’t pull any extra weight

At National Transmission, we understand that your vehicle’s transmission is a sophisticated piece of machinery. We know that it needs to be properly maintained to preserve your vehicle’s longevity.

Contact us if your transmission requires service or repair. We offer a number of transmission services in Medicine HatSouth Calgary and surrounding areas.

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