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Off-roading is a valued hobby amongst many Canadians. It is a way to explore the great outdoors and have a little adventure in the process. While your vehicle may have been designed to go off-road, that does not mean it does not need maintenance. In fact, the more off-roading you do, the more preventative maintenance you need to keep it running smoothly.


Replace Transmission Fluid – Off-roading requires your vehicle to rely on its transmission much more than it would driving on the road. This can significantly increase your vehicle’s risk for overheating. Take your 4×4 vehicle in regularly for transmission fluid replacement and inspection.

Have Your Transmission Inspected – The wear and tear on your transmission can be significant, especially if you have allowed it to overheat. Taking it in for transmission maintenance at our Lethbridge location, or the shop closest to you, can allow technicians to inspect for any gear flakes in the oil, buildup and worn down components.

Inspect the Transfer Case – If your transfer case gets too hot, it could crack and leak. Be on the lookout for low fluid levels and take it in for repair right away. Not having enough fluids to lubricate gears and components could lead to a catastrophic vehicle failure.

Keep an Eye on Your Differentials – While your differentials may not heat up as much, they still require lubrication from the heavy gearing. Have them regularly inspected and if you are changing the oil on your own, be on the lookout for metal flakes. This will tell you whether or not your vehicle is properly lubricated.

While you are doing all of the maintenance under the hood, do not forget to wash off your off-roading vehicle every time you get back. Leaving mud caked onto exterior paint can dramatically decrease its integrity.

National Transmission offers transmission maintenance services for Calgary, Lethbridge and Medicine Hat residents for off-roading vehicles. Our team can inspect your vehicle and provide necessary maintenance on the transmission, clutch and even differential to keep your adventures top-notch year-round. Book your transmission service appointment today by calling one of our locations or schedule a repair online.

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