The professional service technicians at National Transmission know that with our economy in decline, drivers want better fuel economy and longevity from their vehicles. Here are a few tips to improve the fuel efficiency of your vehicle.


First, consider transmission type, manual or automatic. found that “in some cars, a manual transmission can improve gas mileage by a significant 2 to 5 mpg, compared to an automatic, and can cut a car’s price by $800 to $1,200.” Manual transmissions often have better acceleration capabilities, making it a more engaging and fun option. The latest automatic-transmission designs, however, including six-speed automatics, actually surpass their manual counterparts, so check the ratings and try before you buy.


Adding gears allows your engine to operate at a more efficient level. Conventional transmission systems control the ratio between engine speed and wheel speed using a fixed number of metal gears. The U.S. Department of Energy notes that a continuously variable transmission (CVT) “uses a pair of variable-diameter pulleys connected by a belt or chain that can produce an infinite number of engine/wheel speed ratios,” with better fuel efficiency –a distinct advantage. An automated manual transmission (AMT) combines “the best features of manual and automatic transmissions. Manual transmissions are lighter and suffer fewer energy losses but lack the convenience of an automatic.”


There are many different types of automatic transmission fluids on the market, and the proper fluid can be identified by your owner’s manual or by contacting your vehicle manufacturer. This fluid has a number of duties in the transmission, including lubrication, cooling, and clutch application, improving the overall efficiency of the vehicle.

Motor Oil

Motor oil is the lifeblood of the vehicle – it reduces friction, freeing the motor and improving fuel economy. There are a variety of viscosities of motor oil, so ensure you are selecting the right grade for your vehicle, and change your oil at regularly scheduled intervals. Synthetic motor oils vary, but some companies claim gains of up to 5% in fuel economy just by switching your stock motor oil to their synthetic brand.

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