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A clutch replacement is costly and many clutches end up being replaced far sooner than necessary. You can extend the life of your clutch just by employing proper driving techniques, as well as performing routine clutch maintenance.


How you drive your vehicle can determine how much time and use you will get out of your clutch. Follow these tips to reduce wear and tear and enjoy your clutch to the maximum life capacity possible.

  • Never ride your clutch. This burns out your clutch quickly. Instead, keep your foot off the clutch any time you are pressing on the accelerator.
  • Only use your clutch when you need to. If you stop, put the car in neutral and take your foot off the clutch. Keeping the clutch pressed down when it is not in use can increase the likelihood of a clutch repair in the future.
  • Do not treat your clutch like a foot rest. Doing so can release the bearings.
  • If you drive a manual transmission vehicle, do not downshift each time you slow down the vehicle. This is what you should use brakes for instead.
  • Take full advantage of your car’s parking brake. Leaving your car in gear may prevent it from rolling, but it puts significant strain on your clutch.

Even if you use proper driving techniques, you can wear down your clutch if you do not maintain your vehicle. Full vehicle maintenance prolongs the lifespan of each component, including your clutch. Just some things you should do to prolong the lifespan of your vehicle include:

  • Keeping your vehicle’s fluids new and clean. That includes frequent oil changes so that you can prevent any harmful buildup from making your vehicle have to work harder than it should.
  • Replace transmission fluids and filters. Every 40,000 to 60,000 kilometers, you should take your vehicle to a company that specializes in transmissions in Lethbridge, Medicine Hat and Calgary. Have them inspect the transmission, replace necessary components and replace the fluid.
  • Listen to your clutch and vehicle. Drive with the radio off at least once a week and get used to the noises of your car. That way if you hear something out of the ordinary, you can take it in for a repair or at least an inspection.

National Transmission can help you maintain your clutch or replace it when the time comes. Our manual transmission services in Calgary are designed to prolong the life of your vehicle. Book your preventive maintenance appointment today by calling one of our locations or schedule a repair online.

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