Whether you’re driving around Calgary in a brand new car or your trusty old pickup truck, your dashboard indicators are your vehicle’s way of telling you when it needs repair. But those little lights aren’t very effective if you don’t know what they mean or if you simply ignore them. Keep reading to learn more so your car or truck will be in good repair all year round.

Types of Indicator Lights

Check your owner’s manual to familiarize yourself with the warning lights in your particular vehicle. You’ll see all of them come on every time you start the engine (that’s a normal part of your car’s system check) but it’s the lights that stay on that you need to watch. They’re usually red or yellow/orange.

Red Warning Lights

Red warning lights indicate there’s a problem that requires urgent attention. Avoid driving your car and take it to a car repair shop in Calgary right away if one of the following lights up:

  • Oil pressure light. There isn’t enough oil getting to all the moving parts of your engine.
  • Engine temperature light. Your car may be out of coolant and is at risk of overheating.
  • Battery light. Your battery isn’t charging properly and will eventually lose power.
  • Brake light. First check to see if the emergency brake is engaged. If it’s not, then this light is warning you there’s a problem somewhere else in the braking system.
Orange/Yellow Warning Lights

Orange/yellow warning lights are less serious than their red counterparts but still point to a problem that needs attention.

  • ABS light. There could be a problem with your anti-lock brake system.
  • Check engine light. It could be something simple like a loose gas cap, or it could indicate that you need transmission supplies or a transmission fluid change. Bring your vehicle in for diagnostics as soon as possible.
  • Low fuel. You’re almost out of gas. Driving on empty can cause serious damage to your engine. It’s time to fill up.
  • Tire pressure. The tires are underinflated or you’ve got a flat.
  • Washer fluid. Your washer fluid is low or empty.

It’s important to note that sometimes your indicator lights can go off even if there isn’t a serious problem with your car. The sensor could be damaged or providing a false reading. But like they always say, better safe than sorry.
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