More about Porsche

Porsche purists enjoy the power and control delivered by Porsche’s manual transmission. Porsche newbies are sometimes alarmed by grinding noises when they shift gears. While this can be a sign of transmission trouble, it can also be that you are shifting incorrectly – talk to your National Transmission mechanic about how to shift gears correctly to avoid causing damage to your transmission. Shifting too quickly or forcefully can throw off the synchronizer that helps gears moving at various speeds engage smoothly with one another, causing a grinding noise. If damage has been caused by an inexperienced driver or by wear and tear, the Porsche transmission experts at National Transmission can do manual transmission rebuilds or repairs to restore proper function.

If you’re the proud long-time owner of a classic Porsche or you’ve recently bought a used Porsche, you should have a trusted local mechanic on call who thoroughly knows and understands the evolution of Porsche engines over the years. Especially if you’ve bought a used Porsche that’s been customized by a previous owner, you need a mechanic who has the training and experience necessary to fully understand the various elements and configurations of your Porsche transmission. In Calgary, the certified mechanics at National Transmission are your conveniently located Porsche transmission experts.


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