Transmission slipping? At National Transmission, we’ve seen this problem often enough to make us experts on Oldsmobile transmissions in Calgary. While Oldsmobiles are solid vehicles, there are some minor repairs that you will eventually need to check on. Keeping your vehicle maintained is the best way to keep it running for you as long as possible.

As your Oldsmobile ages, the oil seals and gaskets can start to become worn and leak. The reason behind this is that many seals have a small spring to help clamp them down. Over time, these will start to lose their strength and start to leak. These faulty seals begin to leak on the shafts when they spin and can lead to larger issues in your car by causing your engine to work harder. To get to these leaks and seals, the transmission often needs to be removed. Our team has the experience to make these tricky repairs without damaging your transmission.

There are many external seals and gaskets that we can also repair without the process of removing the transmission. These are usually minor repairs and will help with efficiency of your car. The easiest way to find leaks is to look under your car. If you see a pool of oil, or if your car seems to need oil more often than usual, a leak can be the culprit.

Bring your Oldsmobile’s transmission to one of our Alberta locations and ask our friendly mechanics how we can help you get the best performance from these cars.

National Transmission provides transmission services at three different locations in Calgary, and also offers transmission services at our transmission shops in Lethbridge and Medicine Hat.

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