Driving a luxury car such as a Lincoln is certainly a show-stopper. These beautiful vehicles will catch the attention of everyone on the road. While they are dependable vehicles, it’s a wise decision to perform routine maintenance on your investment – it will pay off in the long run by not having significant issues from regular checkups. And there is no better destination for that maintenance than National Transmission, which has locations throughout Calgary and Alberta. Our mechanics are extremely well-versed with all Lincoln makes and models, and will take excellent care of your vehicle to ensure it runs as smoothly as it did the day you purchased it.

While a Lincoln certainly commands positive attention, you don’t want it to attract negative attention from the grinding sounds of a faulty automatic transmission. While transmission problems oftentimes cause drivers unparalleled levels of stress, there’s no reason to worry when you bring it to National Transmission – transmission diagnostics are our specialty. Whether the problem has been caused by wear and tear, low fluid levels or faulty connections with your car’s other systems, National Transmission has the know-how to efficiently diagnose and repair your Lincoln’s automatic transmission problems.

If there’s any part of a vehicle that should be regularly inspected, it’s your transmission. And with a high-performance vehicle such as Lincoln, you’ll be thankful you brought it to National Transmission. Having problems with your transmission is extremely frustrating – particularly with a car as reliable as a Lincoln – so be sure to visit any of our locations throughout Calgary and Alberta today to provide your Lincoln the care it deserves.

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