The Importance of Transmission Maintenance

You may not understand immediately what the transmission does for your car just by hearing its name, but you may get a much better understanding of its importance if you heard one of its nicknames—the gearbox.

Drivers who started off riding bicycles in their childhood will remember the importance of the gears, specifically how it could make riding easier if used correctly and how it could cut any trip short if the gears or chain malfunctioned.

Your car’s transmission is no different; a properly functioning transmission will allow your car to shift between different gears smoothly to provide the necessary power for the demands of the city or highway. Just like with a bike gear, a broken auto transmission will bring your car to a sudden stop.

Here are some important questions and answers to help you maintain and understand your car’s transmission.

What happens with basic transmission service?

A typical transmission service starts with the removal of the transmission pan, followed by:

  • Draining the fluid
  • Cleaning of the pan
  • Installation of a new pan gasket and filter
  • Refilling fluid to the correct levels with the manufactures recommended fluid

How often should my transmission be serviced?

There are two main components in your car’s transmission that need regular service—the filter and the fluid. As with most fluids and common maintenance needs, you should follow the instructions of your owner’s manual. Whenever your fluid is changed, the filter should be changed as well. Go in for service immediately if you see leaking fluid, discolouring, or a burnt smell.

What is the importance of the transmission fluid colour?

The normal, healthy colour for automatic transmission fluid is a bright cherry red colour in most vehicles. This colour will help you distinguish it from engine oil and other fluids, especially if you have an unidentified leak.

Additionally, any discoloration in the fluid is a sign that the system is overheating.

At National Transmission, we’re here for all your transmission needs, whether it’s diagnostic services, transmission repair or preventive maintenance.

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