Repairs and Maintenance for Your High Performance Transmission in Calgary

Whether you drive an imported European vehicle as your everyday means of transportation or you’re active on the racing circuit, having a reliable mechanic for your ride’s high performance transmission in Calgary is crucial—that’s where National Transmission comes in.

Our expert mechanics offer years of experience in the installation, repair and maintenance of high performance transmissions for a wide variety of high-end vehicles. We believe the best policy for properly maintaining your transmission is a combination of preventative maintenance and awareness. How can you detect issues at the outset before they persist and cause costly damages? National Transmission can help, as we have provided a list of common problems to be on the lookout for.


Determining whether your transmission is experiencing issues isn’t always an easy task, particularly for those not well-versed in the inner workings of a transmission. However, the following signs that your high performance transmission in Calgary needs some work:

  • Slipping of the Clutch – The clutch is the single most important aspect of any high performance transmission, as it’s the distributor of power between the transmission and the engine. In the case that you’ve depressed the clutch, but the gear doesn’t shift, you’re likely dealing with a broken clutch pedal that’s either in need of repair or a total replacement.
  • Sticking Clutch – Imagine you’re preparing to drive to your destination, you depress the clutch and it fails to come back up into place—that’s the sign of a sticking clutch that is caused by external leaking either from the clutch master or slave cylinder. While not an ideal situation, it’s a much cheaper alternative to being forced to remove the entire transmission should you let the problem persist.
  • Difficulty Getting into Gear – Perhaps the most common symptom of a transmission issue is the grinding sound coming from the bottom of the vehicle while shifting gears. That condition combined with any seeming difficulty getting into gear is a giveaway that there’s a worn down or completely damaged part. Worse yet, there may be an issue with the electrical system.
  • Fluid Issues – If your vehicle’s transmission hasn’t consistently had its fluids changed, you run the risk of serious hydraulic issues that will result in faulty transmission operation.
  • Fluid Leakage – All transmissions—whether automatic or manual—are completely sealed units designed to prevent fluid leakage. However, damages to your transmission will often cause a leak. This is your sign that your transmission needs to be repaired immediately!
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Whether you’re seeking to increase your vehicle’s speed with a harder shift, alter the speed of your torque converter stall or add durability enhancements, the expert mechanics at National Transmission can help. Schedule service today!

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