Get Your Transmission Flushed at National Transmission

National Transmission offers transmission flush services, a process that is important to the health and maintenance of your vehicle. A transmission flush is when all of the old oil in the transmission is removed and new oil is pushed through using a special machine. This process forces out grime and sludge, after which the transmission is filled with clean oil.


You’ll want to get your transmission flushed roughly every two years to keep your car running smoothly, but there are signs that show your car needs a transmission flush sooner. You’ll want to get your transmission flushed by a professional at National Transmission in Calgary, Medicine Hat, or Lethbridge, when you:

  • Hear grinding or strange noises
  • Have problems shifting gears
  • Start slipping gears while driving
  • Feel unexplainable surging of your vehicle
  • Notice a delay in vehicle movement

These noises and changes in the movement of your car mean that your transmission is full of gunk and in need of a cleaning. Without proper cleaning, your transmission could fail causing you to need more expensive repairs later.


Some people think that transmission flushing can weaken a vehicle’s transmission valves and seals. This is only possible with high pressure forcing fluids backward through the transmission system. When a transmission flush is done properly, no damage will be done and your vehicle will run much more smoothly. A transmission flush will eliminate contaminants from the torque converter and cooler lines and prevent transmission problems like grinding noises and slipping gears.

Get your transmission flush done done at National Transmission in Calgary, Lethbridge or Medicine Hat, where we’ll make sure the process is done correctly so your car will run more smoothly and have a longer lifespan. Call us today or bring your car by one of our five locations so we can get started right away.


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