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  • Dustin16M

    Great place. They rebuilt my transmission and it started leaking from the pan shortly after. Expecting the typical run around they surprised me by putting a brand new pan on free of charge. Will recommend to my friends

  • James Duffy

    I've been going through some rough times and in the thick of all of it I temperarely lost my job to the fort mac fires, the day I was evacuated when I finally got home, my vehicle broke down on me. So I was referred to national transmission and spoke…

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  • Jharold Carungui

    I had a problem with my cars transmission and they fix it without a problem and the best part was they didn't even charge me a cent. I would recommend this place to my friends who needs work on their cars transmission.!

  • Shawn Lowe

    This is the one stop transmission shop for me! I have been racing stock cars for the past 6 years and this location with all their great staff have been behind me since day 1! They can rebuild anything from bone stock to your highest performance needs, and have all…

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  • Canyon Meadows Auto Service

    Man these guys are amazing! Very professional. I really enjoy working with Dave and Troy. You can really tell that the quality is #1 on these guys list! Also saved me a bunch of money from what someone else was going to charge.

  • Rod Wolchyn

    Great bunch of guys. Very fast, professional and courteous service.

  • Brad Davis

    They were very prompt and professional and fixed the transmission perfectly. It's been almost a year and the transmission is still working great. The only nitpick I could possibly put against these guys is that my car smelt like oil inside for about a week afterwards. A little airing out…

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  • Blue Moon

    Took my Jeep Grand Cherokee Hemi there for a Transmission Service. Great service, very clean shop and they saved me $150 compared to Mr Transmission and the dealership. Will recommend to anyone.

  • Chris Wintersinger

    I was really satisfied with the service. I brought my truck in for some axle seals and diagnosis of a subtle noise in the drivetrain. They figured out the source of the noise which was thankfully only a wheel bearing. Another shop told me I would be looking at major…

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  • Austin Beswick

    I brought my older ford pick-up in after it wouldn't shift into gear one morning. I knew there was something wrong with the clutch but I wasn't sure exactly what it was. I got it towed to their shop that morning, and Troy called me at 2 o'clock that day…

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