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  • Scott Donnelly

    Brock and his team treated me extremely well. I had my car towed to the shop and they keep me in the loop in regards to what was wrong with my car and also the time frame that I would be without it. I have and will continue to recommended…

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  • Meha Kopp

    I had a great experience with National Transmission on 14th St. and owner Brock. I was told by the dealership my transmission needed to be replaced. I decided randomly to go with National hoping I could save a few bucks off the dealership price. After having a look Brock called…

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  • Darcey Robertson

    I Have to mention that Brock Allaire and his team offered outstanding service. Brock test drove my car before and after. Brock called and updated me as to the status of the repair. He wants to follow up in a week to see if I am still satisfied. His shop…

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  • Andrea McCormick

    I cannot say enough good things about my experience at National Transmission. I had brought my BMW to the dealership, who told me that I needed a new transmission and that this would cost me $7300. Wanting a second opinion, I take my car to Brock. He determined that it…

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  • brock allaire

    Brock Allaire owner and operator National Transmission 14th st. We have been in business for over 40 years and we specialize in transmission and drive line service. Give us a call and we will work with you the best we can to make your repair as smooth as possible. I…

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  • Kray Mitchell

    Was very impressed with the service. Don't know about these people complaining on here, seems more like they were expecting unrealistic time frames. Really, 2 hours? I doubt anybody would tell them that they could drop it off and have it looked at and diagnosed in that time frame. My…

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  • Jay Cotterell

    I bought a 2nd hand truck and the tranny blew up after a few months. Brock and the guys rebuilt it and it has been running strong for over 3 years and lots of miles. I have always felt confident with their service and advice. I actually trust them, hard…

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  • Tim Heinrichs

    I've been using this shop for the last 7 years, they always give me great service and a reasonable price. Their techs know their stuff and do a great job. Never had a problem with their work or their people.

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