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  • Nate Molen

    Really great service, have used them twice. Warranty they have is really good.

  • Taelor Fredrickson

    Had an excellent experience with the National Transmission on Macleod. I recently needed to get my clutch repaired and they did great work on my vehicle in a short amount of time. They went above and beyond what any other shop has done for me in the past, and to…

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  • Deon Querido

    Very thorough work performed professionally, on time, and honestly. My family has used this outlet for decades and there’s a good reason.

  • Banurekha Sathyaseelan

    Few words Great work.

  • Bill Brasky

    After a huge blizzard struck Calgary on Tuesday and my reverse gear decided to clog up with ice and slush I called around to several places before getting referred to these guys and boy did I ever luck out; in and out within 24 hours, all problems solved by the…

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  • Claude Parisien

    I was having an issue with my 2006 Dakota, I figured my transmission was soon to need replacing. Brought it here because it is a trusted mechanic my company uses for all their fleet vehicles. Troy was honest and up front about the problem my truck was having and fixed…

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  • Barry N

    My local mechanic recommended this specific shop when my Odyssey needed a new transmission back in 2010. Since then, Dave, Troy and the rest of the team have provided outstanding service, as I've had my van in many times over the years for checkups. They run their business honestly and…

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  • Graham Cox

    Brought my 2005 Civic here because of a recommendation from a friend. My car was skipping from 1st to 3rd gear. I was worried I would have to get a new car because a transmission is probably worth more than the car. The front end and back end service was…

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  • Pierre Guenette

    When my Civic needed some work, National Transmission was up to the task. They were friendly, informative, answered all of my questions and best of all there were no hidden surprises. It's apparent that they take pride in their work.

  • Andrea Larsen

    I highly recommend National Transmission. The staff is friendly, professional, and honest. The customer service and all round presence of the business is clean, professional, and very considerate to the customers. This shop has always gone above and beyond to help me and anyone I have referred over the years.…

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