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  • Kitty27 G

    Helped me out with my warranty and had my transmission replacement covered! I have been back for multiple little repairs since and they are always quick and helpful. Brock is very professional and knows his stuff.

  • I Do Random Things

    Best mechanic shop I have been to. So helpful and quick service.

  • Graham Faires

    Friendly, helpful, honest and reliable. Definitely recommend!

  • Tonya Myhedyn

    Amazing experience! I do a lot of work on my vehicle, but when I couldn't figure out a weird noise Brock helped me out. Fantastic service, clearly communicated what was happening, and very friendly. I will bring my vehicle here again without question and will recommend to any of my…

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  • Shannon Connolly

    Brock was awesome! My son had transmission issues in Banff. Had the vehicle towed in and Brock was quick efficient and fair with the service. I would strongly recommend him!!

  • Tom Manley

    The guys at National Transmission are awesome. Did a great job on my old truck for a great price. 100% recommended.

  • Dean Warren

    I was driving home when I started to have an emergency in my car. I made it to Brock’s shop. I thought I damaged the transmission mount. Turns out that the problem was that Canadian tire on 36th street NE on February 1. Put on a set of tires on…

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  • SirSmokeAlottaPot

    Top notch service and friendly staff.... Would recommend to anyone

  • Elissa Beatty

    Very informative, quick service. even held my part for me while i made 3 payments due to a paycheck issue. highly recommend.

  • Lewis Childs

    Had a transmission go on my Silverado in the spring. I took it to a dealership with a 4 to 6 week wait time talked to Brock and he had me back on the road within a day and for nearly half the price. Can't go wrong with that!

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