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Latest Ratings & Reviews

  • Otto Gentile

    Incredible people to deal with.

  • J B

    Neil and Rash were very professional, took me back and showed me what was wrong internally (having a mechanical background). Had the truck for about a week and a half, and broke down, thankfully, their warranty covered everything and i understood, internally something else could have happened. Only hiccup was…

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  • Tim Buffett

    Excellent company. They do great work, they are friendly, and they will do everything they can to get you back on the road as soon as they can.

  • Dan Campbell

    Had the transmission in my 2003 Ford Explorer rebuilt there over 160,000Kms ago, and still running strong... I do fluid/filter changes every 48,000Kms now to maintain it, and have also been using an additive from Lucas to help optimize performance.

  • Julie Schwarz

    Wonderful! Our experience was professional, honest and timely. I would trust Arash to give us the best service with all of our vehicles.

  • Michelle Wilken

    We took our sons car here after having it for 5 days and the transmission went. Arash was alway quick to answer all my questions and the repair was done very quick! Sad the transmission went but glad we took it to see you guys! Highly recommend 😄

  • Gary Schribar

    Absolutely incredible! 100% would recommend to anyone who is having issues with their vehicle in Calgary. We were there on a trip and my car broke down, they were able to have my in and diagnosed within the hour. I was by myself with my 2 children and they helped…

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  • Ormagodon Online

    Best value for the services provided, Brock and his team did exactly as I asked and for a much better price than anywhere else I looked at.

  • BNan00ch

    I had them build me a TH350 for my 383cid Camaro, they provided me with all the help to build the perfect set up with RTS converter, lock up switch, trans cooler and installed. It’s been three years and my trans is holding up amazing. Also they gave me some…

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  • EJ Paul

    Took my vehicle in for a weird noise, Through proper diagnosis they found the issue, found the part and got it done in an amazing time frame. Neil and Arash are the most honest and understanding people I’ve been able to meet in this industry. Thank you so much, I…

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