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Your transmission is shifting strangely, you’re hearing strange noises, or maybe you’re noticing a burning smell. You think it must be time to get your transmission fluid changed. That’ll fix everything.

Actually, maybe not. By the time you can tell something is wrong with the transmission, it just might be too late. Sure, getting your fluid changed at this point may fix the problem, but let’s talk about why this isn’t always the best option. Changing your transmission fluid at this point actually might do more harm than good.


Your transmission is what keeps you moving. It applies the engine’s power to your wheels, meaning it transmits the motion from the engine to the wheels. And that beautiful red fluid? That’s your transmission fluid. That’s what keeps the transmission working properly.

The fluid coats gears and torque converters, lubricating the moving parts of the transmission. After a while though, your fluid breaks down and becomes contaminated with metal and worn parts from the transmission. If your fluid has become dark and tarnished and smells burnt, you have a problem.

But by this point, it’s probably too late. Your transmission fluid has turned to sludge. And believe it or not: now it’s the sludge that is keeping your transmission together. Get a fluid change now and the sludge will loosen up and your transmission could begin to demonstrate drivability or shifting concerns. Now you can only drive for as long as that sludge will hold it together.


That’s why you should change your transmission fluid before it’s too late, before you start to notice problems. That’s your best option. Don’t put yourself in a situation you’ll regret.

It’s best to change your transmission fluid every 40,000 to 60,000 kilometers. This will vary based on the make and model of your vehicle (check your owner’s manual!) and your driving circumstances.

For example, those who drive in stop-and-go city traffic may need to change their fluid more often than long-distance drivers. In the city, you’re working your transmission (and its fluid) harder than if you were driving uninterrupted stretches of roadway.


If you notice any transmission problems, check it out then. Come in to National Transmission, and we can let you know whether or not it’s too late to get the transmission fluid changed. Hopefully a fluid change really can be your fix. But now you know your best bet: get your transmission fluid changed before a real problem occurs. We have five locations in Alberta: South CalgaryNE CalgaryNW CalgaryLethbridge and Medicine Hat.

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