For years, Nissan has been using a CVT in their vehicles. The CVT is a continuously variable transmission that replaces the normal gears in a transmission for a shifting belt. This gives your car a smoother ride while accelerating because there are no gears to shift through. It also helps keep gas mileage low as you are always in the “perfect gear” for your situation.

The CVT should be treated slightly different from a normal transmission. To keep your CVT in the best condition you should keep an eye on the transmission fluid levels. Many Nissan owners see that the transmissions fluids need to be added more frequently than with a normal transmission. It is also important to have regular maintenance and checks on all parts of the CVT, especially the belt. At National Transmission, we work on all sorts of automatic transmissions and know that routine maintenance is what increases your vehicle’s lifespan.

During maintenance services, we do more than just add in more transmission fluid. We also do a road test and a visual inspection to test the feeling of your Nissan the road. We will look over the entire transmission and run a computer diagnostic test to spot any anomalies. Our top priority is to be transparent with you about your vehicle and any service that we do.

Bring your Nissan in today for CVT maintenance in Medicine Hat or any of our Alberta locations.

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