Is your Grand Marquis, or other Mercury brand vehicle, not riding as smoothly as it used to? If you feel any signs of stalling or skipping and you’re not quite sure what’s causing the problem, bring your Mercury to the professionals at National Transmission. Our diagnostic services for Mercury repairs in Calgary are done with the aid of state-of-the-art equipment and experienced mechanics at National Transmission.

Our technicians use computer diagnostics to pinpoint the cause of your Mercury transmission or driveline problems. Using our computer diagnostic equipment, we can quickly and accurately show you what needs to be done with your vehicle.

We also do an external diagnostic check to look over the entirety of your transmission. We do this to spot leaks or other potential issues that will need to be addressed later on down the road. When you schedule routine maintenance at one of our five locations, know that you are getting more than just a quick check. You are getting years of experience from technicians that have worked on Mercury vehicles just like yours. Set up an appointment to get your car diagnosed by one of our skilled technicians.

National Transmission has five locations in Alberta. Three of our transmission shops are located in Calgary: South CalgaryNE Calgary and NW Calgary. We also have transmission shops in Medicine Hat and Lethbridge.

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