Where there’s rugged terrain, there’s likely a Jeep. The four-wheel drive machines that Jeep produces are excellent choices to traverse mountainous, hilly geographic destinations. In doing so, there’s a higher likelihood of a need for maintenance, and that’s where National Transmission comes in. Our mechanics are very experienced with the Jeep brand and can be counted upon to keep your Jeep in peak condition for the next adventure you have planned.

While it’s certainly fun to explore in your Jeep, one common problem you may run into is a faulty rear differential, particularly with a four-wheel drive vehicle. If you’re hearing a howling noise during at different speeds, there’s a good chance your gears are worn out or out of alignment. Ignoring this problem can have serious consequences, so bring your Jeep to your nearest National Transmission without delay. Our mechanics are skilled at quickly pinpointing the problem and providing an affordable solution.

Whether your Jeep is an automatic or manual transmission, National Transmission can help. We fully understand your need for a quick fix, particularly when it comes to issues with your differential. Regardless of whether your transmission needs repair or replacement, we are greater Calgary’s destination for Jeep repairs.

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