You can’t travel down a Canadian highway without seeing a Honda. One of the most popular cars in the country, Hondas combine style and horsepower to satisfy drivers across the country.

But even your trusty Honda might need expert transmission service at one point. If you’ve noticed any of the following issues, it could be time to schedule an inspection at your local National Transmission service centre.

  • Your check engine light is on
  • Your Honda is slipping gear
  • You have trouble getting into the right gear
  • You hear a grinding noise when getting into gear

All of these issues could be indicators of transmission trouble. Luckily, there are five National Transmission services centres in Calgary, Medicine Hat and Lethbridge. Each is home to certified mechanics who offer affordable Honda transmission repair services.


Whether you require a simple transmission fluid change or a complete transmission rebuild or overhaul, you can expect prompt, professional service when you choose National Transmission. Our team knows what Honda transmissions need to keep you and your passengers safe on the road.

Call today to schedule service for your Honda!

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