Above all other luxury brands, Acura vehicles retain their value over time. Part of that resilience is due to the reputation for reliability that Honda’s luxury line has developed over the years. And part of it has to be that Acura owners typically take care of their investments very well! Treat your Acura to the knowledgeable care of the experienced mechanics at National Transmissions locations throughout Alberta.


Your Acura transmission is one of the most hardworking elements of your vehicle, subject to constant friction and wear. Low fluid levels are among the most common causes of transmission problems. Regular maintenance and inspection to ensure that transmission fluid levels are at optimal levels and that the fluid itself hasn’t broken down is one of the easiest things you can do to keep your Acura in good shape. Some signs of low transmission fluid levels are:

Dark red or brown stains beneath your car, often having a sweet smell – this is a symptom of transmission fluid leakage.
Burning smell – this could be a sign that your transmission is compromised due to low fluid levels or that the transmission fluid has broken down and needs to be replaced.

Visit one of National Transmission’s locations in or near Calgary for an automatic transmission fluid flush for your Acura.


Does it seem like your Acura is hesitating when you shift from park to drive? Or, more alarmingly, do you find it difficult to shift gears or stay in gear while driving? These are often initial signs of transmission problems that should be diagnosed before they get worse. Other symptoms such as grinding noises in a manual transmission vehicle or a distinct wobbliness when changing gears in an automatic transmission vehicle are signs that you should hasten to a mechanic who knows Acura.

It’s important to be alert to symptoms of transmission problems. When ignored, these can lead to major damage to the drive train, necessitating a transmission rebuild or replacement. While the skilled transmission technicians at National Transmission are experienced in manual and automatic transmission rebuilds and replacements, we’d much rather you enjoy the Acura driving experience to the fullest with regular, routine maintenance from our Acura transmission specialists in Calgary and other convenient Central Alberta locations.

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