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Truck Transmission Service Specialists in Red Deer

When your business is riding on your wheels, you need to keep those wheels on the road as much as possible. That’s why so many drivers and fleet owners bring their truck transmission repairs to National Transmission's shop in Red Deer. Our staff of highly trained and experienced transmission specialists quickly diagnose and repair transmission problems to get you back on the road.

Over the years, we’ve tracked down the causes of many of the whining, grinding, banging and clanking noises that signal problems with transfer cases. We’ve heard it all! With our advanced diagnostic equipment, we can trace the source of your transmission problems and complete a repair or replacement with accuracy and efficiency.

Red Deer Contact Information

Address: 7121 Gaetz Ave., Red Deer, AB T4N 4E4
Phone: 403-341-7887

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Services in Central Alberta

National Transmission’s Red Deer transmission shop is the choice of companies operating fleets of cars, trucks and buses in Central Alberta for good reasons. We provide the following services to our valued Central Alberta customers:

Trust Your 4x4 Transmission Repair to Red Deer’s National Transmission

Not every transmission is the same. A four-wheel drive transmission handles a much greater load than most two-wheel drive systems and, because the transfer case is integrated into a 4x4 system, diagnosis, repair and service can be more complex.

Because National Transmission’s Red Deer location staff sees a lot of different trucks and heavy-duty vehicles, we have developed a unique level of know-how in pinpointing the source of problems. That experience translates into savings for you: we won’t recommend unnecessary transmission repairs or replacements. Our focus is on getting you back on the road as safely and as quickly as possible.

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About Our Red Deer Location
National Transmission has had a location in Red Deer for over 20 years. Our shop is fully licensed by AMVIC and the entire staff has been with National Red Deer for at least 15 years. Our staff is willing to help you in every situation – whether you need us to explain a problem or need us to show you exactly what we’re doing to your vehicle, everyone employed at National Transmission Red Deer will help you leave informed!


Would 110% Recommend This Shop
Not a single negative thing to say about this shop! They have always given the impression right off the bat they would do anything to help me as quickly as possible, while ensuring the quality of their work is the best. They have never disappointed! "Friendly" is an understatement, I have always got the impression that I'd be able to call at all hours and have great service. As a woman I always feel well informed about the issues with my vehicle even though it may take a little extra time explaining, but never talked down to which I appreciate! Never have any recurring issues with vehicles after leaving! I would 110% recommend this shop first to anyone looking for transmission work!
– Haylee S.

Great Service and Honest Advice
From the moment I called to ask a few questions, I knew I contacted the right place. I received up front information, possibilities, and the confidence I needed to book an appointment for my Mazda. Thank goodness there was no concerns so just a regular service was required. I have recommended National Transmission to coworkers.
– Beth S.

Trustworthy Service and Affordable Prices
The guys at National Transmission in Red Deer have been looking after my vehicles for over a decade. They have always been reliable. I've never had to worry about their work. After years of dealing with them for service repairs on my various import and domestic cars/trucks, I now even have my family all taking their cars to National for services. Great guys to deal with. Always trustworthy service. And prices that are tough to beat.
– Stew S.