Avoiding Damage to Your Transmission

The simple act of a car or truck turning a corner is actually quite complex from a mechanical point of view. The outer wheels must travel a farther distance than the interior wheels, meaning that the outer wheels require more power. The transmission and differential assembly in a vehicle ensure that the appropriate amount of power is distributed to all wheels, in order to reduce excess wear and tear. Sometimes though, drivers find themselves in situations that can really stress this system, which can end up costing them a new transmission and a lot of money.

Where the Trouble Starts…

Driving on messy roads and getting stuck in snow or mud are examples of situations where many drivers damage their transmission and differential. Here are the two biggest mistakes:

  • Trying to break free of the snow or mud by flooring the gas pedal and spinning the tires
  • Rocking the car back and forth in “forward” and “reverse” to try to get unstuck

…And Where It Ends

  • Spinouts. If one wheel is stuck and spinning out, the differential is transferring almost 200% more power to that wheel. When the accelerator is floored, extreme heat is generated in the system. That leads to increased wear on the differential and it means potential damage to the transmission and engine.
  • Rocking. Rocking your vehicle back and forth might not only cause parts to come out of alignment; it can also cause major damage to your drivetrain, wheels and differential assembly.

Driving to Reduce Damage to Your Transmission & Differential

The first step to reduce damage to your transmission and differential is to follow your vehicle manufacturer’s recommended service schedule. Here are some other helpful tips.

  • Get help to push or tow your car if it is stuck in snow, mud, or sand.
  • Be cautious when driving on slippery roads.
  • When having your vehicle serviced, make sure your mechanic checks its differential and transmission fluid levels.
  • Have your vehicle’s differential assembly inspected if you hear strange noises from the axle area.

How We Can Help You Prolong the Life of Your Differential & Transmission

At National Transmission, we understand the importance of regular servicing and reliable transmission and differential repair. Visit one of our five locations: South Calgary, NE Calgary, NW Calgary, Lethbridge, Medicine Hat.

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